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Black Greek 500: Informational on Black Greek Lettered Organizations, Free Masons, and Beyond  by Members of the Masonic and Greek Community along with New Age Scribes Publishing, Inc.

Hosted by: Michael Gardner

Author, speaker, organizer, and member of three fraternal societies, Michael Gardner, leads an interactive workshop involving participant role play, a live panel, as well as Q&A. Covering both the hidden and written information about Black Greek Lettered Organizations and Free Masons and their impact on individuals, campuses, and communities. Gardner also discusses top books on the subject, mentorship, peer leadership, rituals, networks, and provides updated hand outs on policies of organizations. (Teens and Adults; Hosting Organization Rate $300 plus travel, room, and board *negotiable*; approx. 120 minutes)



Michael Gardner,  Author

NAS Media Group, Inc.